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Ubunye is a non-profit organisation based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa with a reputation for innovative programmes led by rural communities.

Ubunye Foundation


Lelethu programmes

funded by:

Ubunye Foundation’s

‘Lelethu’ strategy

Communities Lead

in pursuing

Sustainable Development

to build

Resilience to Climate Change

Ubunye Foundation

won the

2019 MTN

Advanced M&E Practice


Ubunye Field Officer graduates as Top Student in Community Health Worker qualification

Luleka Kondlo, Ubunye’s Masiphile Field Officer has achieved her Community Health worker qualificatin with flying colours. She won the Top Student aware in Child Care. Ubunye sponsored her 3-month theory and practical training in Port Elizabeth in 2019. We are so impressed with Luleka’s dedication, dilligence and brilliance!

Ubunye Foundation

won the

2019 MTN

Advanced M&E Practice


Savings & Credit Groups

Savings Credit Groups | Ubunye Foundation

3,084 savings and credit group members with total assets of R4,584,105.00

Clinic Outreach Services

Ubunye Foundation

972 people accessing quality health care through rural outreach services.

Uthando Product Range

Uthando Shop | Ubunye Foundation

28 Rural women earning a living for themselves and their households as micro-entrepreneurs.


Ubunye’s vision for 2020 and BEYOND

Where communities Lead…..


Ubunye FoundationSIYAKHANA

(Supporting each other)

A community-led programme structure that puts the community in the driving seat of change

IN education for life



where communities create a strong foundation for young people to learn and succeed

IN savings and livelihoods


(We can)

where people are financially independent, creating thriving ‘green businesses’ that are set-up, owned and managed by them

IN health and wellness


(Let’s be healthy)

where communities know how to be healthy, make healthy choices and can reach quality health services

Invest in Social Impact

Get Involved with Us

Support Rural Entrepreneurs


Ubunye Foundation **2015-2020** The story so far...

**Lelethu** (it's ours) strategy 2021-2026

"Ubunye 2019" A community evaluation through Photos

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Director: Katy Pepper

Physical Address: 23 Hill Street, Grahamstown, South Africa
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