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Ubunye is a non-profit organisation based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa with a reputation for implementing innovative development projects in partnership with rural communities.

Savings & Credit Groups

Savings Credit Groups | Ubunye Foundation

3,084 savings and credit group members with total assets of R4,584,105.00

Clinic Outreach Services

Ubunye Foundation

972 people accessing quality health care through rural outreach services.

Uthando Product Range

Uthando Shop | Ubunye Foundation

28 Rural women earning a living for themselves and their households as micro-entrepreneurs.

Invest in Social Impact

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Support Rural Entrepreneurs

Our Goals

Ubunye’s Vision 2020

Capacity & Ownership

Ubunye Foundation

Community leaders spark positive change and people support them to make it last.

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Relationships between Ubunye and communities are partnerships based on respect and shared power.

Engaging Government

Engaging Government

Ubunye, community members and government work hand in hand to create change that spreads and lasts. 

Team Integration

Team Integration

Ubunye works as a ‘team of teams’ towards a unified vision.

Impact & Communication


Ubunye uses technology creatively to communicate better with everyone. 


Ubunye Foundation Brochure

Strategic Goals 2020

Programme Evaluation

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Director: Lucy O’Keeffe

Physical Address: 23 Hill Street, Grahamstown, South Africa
Postal Address: P O Box 448, Grahamstown 6140

Telephone: +27 (0)46 622 7896
Fax :+27 (0)46 622 7889

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